Bridge City Community Welcome Sign
bridge city community church

Bridge City Community (BCC) is First Lutheran’s mission outreach in South Chattanooga. BCC is an intentionally multi-ethnic community of faith that pursues justice through works of mercy with a posture of humility. Supporting an active ministry to neighborhood youth, BCC offers regular worship services and partners with civic leaders and organizations to serve its local community both spiritually and physically.

Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen was founded in 1982. It is located on E. 11th St downtown. For over 25 years, FLC has committed one Sunday morning a month to help serve 100-150 meals to the homeless and those in need of a meal. Due to Covid restrictions, we have only been able to give a monetary donation as only staff members can prepare to go meals. We will serve again as soon as Covid restrictions allow.

first lutheran church community kitchen chattanooga tn
FLC Tent at Alzheimers Walk
alzheimers association

First Lutheran has been an active sponsor of the national Alzheimer's Association's efforts for many years, through the association's local Chattanooga office. The Church's board of Social Ministry originally recommended our participation, coordinates with the national association, and has made it one of their annual priorities. Besides monetary support, the Church participates and is a major sponsor of  the main local event the Association sponsors, the annual 'Alzheimer's Walk' that always attracts hundreds of participants from all over our tri-state area.  Info on our local participation can be obtained from the current chairperson of the Church's Social Ministry board.  Please call the church office for the contact info on the current chairperson.

Food Pantry

The food pantry is an outreach program where every Tuesday between 11am-12pm anyone in need of a bag of groceries can pickup a bag of groceries donated by the congregation. They must call ahead of time so such a bag can be put together.