Music Ministry

Laudamus Concert

Music groups at  First Lutheran express God's love through their voices and instruments while enjoying fellowship and many moments of laughter. If you share our desire to praise God and our Savior Jesus in music, please come join one (or more!) of our music groups. You don't have to be a professional, just someone who, as St. Paul wrote, likes to “make music in your heart.” (Ephesians 5:19) Be sure to get in touch with Justin Hipp, First Lutheran's Music Director!

first lutheran church choir on christmas eve
Instrumentalists first lutheran church chattanooga tn

Sanctuary Choir

The choir sings during the school year on Sunday mornings, usually at the 11:00 am service. Small ensembles and soloists play during summer and special choir music at Christmas and Easter. Rehearsals are Wednesday at 6:45 p.m.; schedule may vary during Advent and Lent and Summer Break.

Handbell Choir

Please speak with Justin Hipp if you are interested in joining. All level of ringers are welcome!

Instrumental Music

If you play an instrument, we invite you to join our brass, wind instruments, stringed instrumentalists, and percussionists in accompanying the choir and congregation, or in performing special worship music.  Rehearsals are scheduled based on the occasion; please let Justin Hipp know of your interest.

Children's Sunday School Choir

Justin leads early elementary-aged children in a time of singing and learning at the beginning of Sunday School. Using Concordia Publishing House’s “My First Hymnal” as a guide, the children develop skills that will help them be active participants in congregational worship. These skills include understanding hymn structure, interpreting the meaning of hymn texts, using an index, how to participate in responsive readings, etc.

All of the hymns learned in Sunday School will be reinforced in our worship services to provide an opportunity for real-world application. Occasionally, the children will sing as a choir and share a hymn they’ve learned with the whole congregation.