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June Voters Assembly Meeting and Board Information

                On Sunday, June 11, FLC will have our required June Voters Assembly Meeting. At this time any old or new business will be presented to the Congregation. There are also several Board Chairman terms up of which the Nominating Committee will present candidates to the Congregation for their approval.

Every member of the congregation is eligible to serve on any of the Boards; we encourage you to do so. Below is a list of the Boards with the names of the current Chairperson and a brief synopsis of what each Board’s responsibilities are.

Parish Fellowship – Ann Kelley

    • Plan congregational meals and receptions
    • Oversee the Breakfast Room on Sundays between services
  1. Christian Education – Dari Selcer
    1. Oversee
      • Nursery
      • Sunday School classes
      • Vacation Bible School
      • Bible classes
      • Youth activities
      • Youth gatherings
  1. Building & Grounds – Jerry Stubbs
    • Oversee the maintenance of FLC’s church property
  2. BCA School Board – Joyce Enloe
    • Set school policies
    • Approve BCA’s budget
    • Oversee the hiring of teachers and staff
  3. Stewardship – Pastor Pingel
    • Ensures we are good stewards with our gifts
  4. Social Ministry – Nancy Gray
    • Food Pantry
    • Alzheimer’s Walk
    • EPB bills for those in need
    • The Giving Tree at Christmas
    • Outreach to the community
  5. Camp Board – Robby Tyson
    • Maintenance of the church campgrounds on Possum Creek
    • Plan camp activities such as the Luau, Fun Day and Oktoberfest
  6. Elders – Kenny Freer
    • Spiritual welfare of Pastor
    • Church services
    • Care for their assigned families
  7. Evangelism – Matt Townley
    • Greet and follow-up on visitors
    • Invite the community to worship with us
    • Help equip our congregation to share God’s message

Besides the Board positions, there are other committees always needing help. Here are a few that you are invited to engage in.

  1. FNS (Friday Night Social) – Nancy Gray
    • Plan fun fellowship events quarterly for the Congregation, such as Lookouts Ball Game, Axe Throwing, Bowling and the Annual Church Cruise!
  2. Altar Guild – Marie Townley
    • Setting up communion; decorating the church during Advent and Lenten seasons
  3. Quilters – Kathleen McMullen & Nancy Morkert
    • Make quilts to send to Room at the Inn/International World Relief; NO sewing skills required
  4. Ladies’ Thursday Night Fellowship – Janice Meissner
    • Every 3rd Thursday at 6:00 pm at various restaurant venues: devotions, meal and fellowship
  5. Men’s Thursday Night Fellowship – Robert Campbell
    • Every 3rd Thursday at 6:30 pm at Rib & Loin in Brainerd: devotions, meal and fellowship
  6. LWML (Lutheran Women’s Missionary League) – Edeltraud Parker
    • Every 3rd Thursday at 10:00 am in the Chapel: snacks devotions, meeting and fellowship
  7. Wednesday Bible Study – Pastor Pingel
    • 1:00 pm every Wednesday in the Chapel
  8. Choir/Bells – Justin Hipp
    • Practice every Wednesday: Bells at 5:30 pm, Choir at 6:30 pm

We are also in need of help in the following areas:

  1. Nursery – Dari Selcer
    • During the 11:00 am Sunday service and special holy days, on a rotating schedule
  2. Breakfast Room – Ann Kelley
    • Supply and set up snacks for between the 8:30 am and 11:00 am services, on a rotating schedule
  3. Flower Beds – Joyce Enloe
    • Helping one Saturday a month March through November
  4. Youth Sunday School teachers – Dari Selcer
  5. Young Families Social Group – Anyone interested in organizing this? We are blessed with many children up to middle school age. We would love to get them involved in social activities with the church. If interested, please contact Dari Selcer or Nancy Gray.

Thank you to all who have served and those who continue to serve at FLC!

The Nominating Committee:

Nancy Gray – Chair
Adam Weidman, President
Joyce Enloe
Linda Schroeder
Kirk Pacenti
Ted Ryan